What Causes Cellulite?


Today we’re talking about cellulite. This topic addresses two of the most common questions I get from women:

  • Can you work out to get rid of cellulite?
  • Will building muscle help with this?

That second question is of particular importance to me because there are a couple of ladies in my membership program, who are feeling great about their progress but are disappointed that they still have cellulite. There are a lot of misconceptions and snake oil supplements around this.

I’m going to break our lesson down into two parts:

  • What you’re doing or thinking wrong right now;
  • The strategy I would use to fix it.

Starting with the biggest misconception about cellulite: you are genetically cursed and cannot get rid of it. For women, cellulite is a very regular thing. Thin, athletic, curvy, whatever your shape size or fitness level, cellulite is perfectly reasonable. As for the “can’t get rid of it” part, you may not be able to get rid of it entirely, but you can eliminate the appearance of it.


So how does this work? Here’s the deal. Your skin or at least the outward appearance of it depends on what’s going on in the outer layer. The main areas you should pay attention to are the epidermis, fat, connective tissue, and muscle. Fat is like jelly; it can change its shape to make the form of other more rigid structures, whereas connective tissue is more rigid, think like a tightly pulled resistance band or guitar string. When you have excess fat, the connective tissue is stretched further apart and gets tighter as a result. When this happens, fat pops up into little pockets between the connective tissue, giving you that kind of dimpled appearance.

A question that usually comes up around this time is “but wait; I’m skinny, why do I have cellulite?” There are few reasons why you may have cellulite. Most of them having to do with the elasticity of your connective tissue. And this can depend on estrogen levels, collagen, genetic factors, a whole bunch of things.

Luckily, the system I use for dealing with cellulite is pretty much the same regardless of your body type or how much body fat you have. So how are we going to fix this? I follow a three-part system.

  • Overall fat loss;
  • Targeted muscle building;
  • Stubborn fat loss.


The logic behind this is that by reducing overall fat, we’re going to alleviate some of the destruction of the connective tissue. Less stretch in the connective tissue equals less bulging or dimpling appearance from the other side. By building muscle in these trouble areas, we’re reducing the distance between the connective tissue and the outermost layer of your skin or the epidermis. So, again, by lowering the amount of stretch in the connective tissue, you’re going to have less dimply or bulging of the fat underneath. And finally, by losing stubborn fat, we’re again going to alleviate stretching of the connective tissue that is the common thing here.

Now, I know this sounds similar to that first step. The thing is when women lose weight, they don’t lose it uniformly; it usually comes up overall, then they lose fat from their upper body, and then the lower body fat is the last to go. By using the techniques, I’m about to share with you can accelerate the process of losing a stubborn lower body fat that’s causing your skin to dimple. I’m going to skip over those first two steps for today because there’s nothing earth-shatteringly new going on there. Now, so the good stuff.

Targeting Stubborn Fat


To burn fat, you need to mobilize fatty acids. Fatty acids are locked inside the fat cells. To unlock those fat cells, we need our fight-or-flight hormones: adrenaline and noradrenaline. Sticking to the sting of unlocking, there are two types of locks that may be in your fat cells: alpha and beta. The proper scientific term for this kind of lock is a receptor. And every fat cell in your body has some combination of these two categories of receptors in it. Important to understand is that beta receptors are much more responsive to fight-or-flight hormones. That means that these beta receptors are easier to unlock and require a lower stimulus to do so. Here’s where stubborn fat comes in. Stubborn fat is stubborn because your body has labeled it that way. Your body just puts more of the unresponsive tougher to unlock alpha receptors on these fat cells. So it’s not that you can’t burn this fat, you just require a greater stimulus of the fight-or-flight hormones to do so.

And what provides a greater stimulus of fight-or-flight hormones? High-intensity training. So, the work that I’m about to show you is focused on elevating your heart rate, challenging your anaerobic threshold (aka where you start to cramp up and feel like you’re going to die), and it targets that area between your butt and your thigh that I see so many women struggling.

Causes Of Male Infertility

One health issue that most men don’t really want to talk about is fertility or infertility. Many people think that it is a woman’s problem, but it’s not.

Remember the old playground song “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby, and a baby carriage.” Well, that’s how it’s supposed to go, but not every couple has that good fortune. It’s about 50 percent of couples who’ve been trying for about one year to get pregnant will have some level of fertility issues. When there’s a problem conceiving, it turns out that it’s about 50/50, about half of the time it’s a male problem, about half of the time it’s a female problem, and about 10-20 percent of the time this actually a combined problem. Most of the time we give a couple about a year to try to get pregnant naturally before we tend to intervene. You can improve sperm count, but sperm count is not directly connected with male fertility

That a lot of times a man will know ahead of time that they might be the cause of the problem. He may have had an undescended testicle, or he may have had some kind of surgery, or he may have had a cancer of the testicle, is something where he might know that there’s an underlying problem. But in many cases, the male partner has no idea. And men don’t go to the doctor, they leave the doctor as adolescents of age 18. Unless they have a problem they really don’t go to the doctor, till they hit about 45 and that is one of the things about men’s health that we really want to focus in on men, making sure that they take care of themselves, like examining their testicles, things like that.

At the center for advanced reproductive services men often find the help they need. We’re really looking for specific issues that are either treatable or reversible. So there are two approaches to how one will address a male factor problem. Number one is to directly to do things to improve the quality of the sperm, so that the couple could get pregnant naturally, the old fashion one. The other approach is to move the sperm closer to the eggs, which would be intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization things like that. And that’s where the reproductive and endocrinology team is extremely helpful with very high success rates at that end of things.

The men come in here to have their semen analysis, which is the first step in the process, usually one of the first steps to evaluating a couple that is experiencing infertility. We take just a very small sample, we put under the microscope and look at the sperm.

A life that can make a new life. It is possible. And they can help at the center for advanced reproductive services. That is a great place that may help most people that go there. It’s really important for men to understand that they are part of the equation and it is a really great place to go, and they can handle all of your questions.

Stamina Enhancement Pills

As a man, having a long lasting sexual performance is important in every way. Not only it will help your partner, but it will also be beneficial for you. For that very reason, you need to have a durability and high stamina if you want to do well in bed. Sadly, not all of us can be that guy that has a high strength especially knowing that we are such a busy persons. Luckily, you can always take a stamina enhancement pills in order to boost your stamina in bed. If you are looking for a good quality enhancement pills, here are some of the best pills that you can get over the counter.

Semenax for stamina and sperm health


One of the first recommended product for you would be this product called Semenax. It is a stamina enhancer that can also be used to increase the level of sperm count in your body. Other than the fact that it will increase your strength and the level of sperm, Semenax will also increase your overall male sexuality. The idea of Semenax is that it can also bring you a harder and bigger erections. Thus, you do need to try this product as it is such a fantastic product.

VigRx Plus


The next product that you need to try when it comes to stamina enhancer would be VigRx Plus. It is one of the top notch product that you get to try out there. VigRx Plus is also one of the best products because it is highly recommended by the medical experts. It will definitely give you a high quality of stamina in bed along with longevity and durability.

VigRx Plus is not just about boosting your strength. In fact, it will also give you plenty of other benefits for your sexuality. You can get this product to increase your overall sexuality such as your sensitivity and control. By taking these pills, you will definitely have an increased pleasure and control over your ejaculation. Thus, you do need to try this supplement as it is one of the best in the business.

You can track Vig Rx Plus results here

Provacyl Pills


Provacyl is a little bit different compared to the previous two products. The reason why this product is so different is because it is not just a sex enhancer product. It is also a supplement for men because it gives you a high quality of vitality. The products will actually give you a substance that will trigger the production of youth hormone in your body.

It can be concluded that this product is not just about increasing your stamina but the overall health of your body. For instance, this tablet will also give you healthier and thicker bones through its calcium content. In fact, it will also increase the quality of your outer skin. The supplement will revitalize your skin by eliminating any wrinkle in your body. Thus, you will have to try Provacyl if you are looking for a product that is not only boosting your stamina but also your health.

Vigorelle Cream For Women. Get Instant Arousal

Unlike men, women tend to have more sexual problems in their life. This is true especially after they had their babies and during the nursing period. During that time, women will experience a low libido and just the overall lack of sexual urge. Despite so, it does not mean that women do not want to have a good time in bed. That is why some women would try to revive their sexual life by using different kinds of products. If you are looking for the best products, you should definitely try Vigorelle cream for women.

What is Vigorelle cream for women?


Vigorelle is a female enhancement cream that is aimed to increase sexual pleasure of women. This product is topical which means that it comes in the form of a cream. What it does is that it increases woman’s ability to enjoy sex during intercourse or masturbation. As it is cream, in order to use this you will have to rub the cream down in your clitoris. It will increase the sensitivity in your genitals making you experience an instant arousal. This will help you if you are having a hard time of being aroused by your partner.

Using Vigorelle cream


Vigorelle cream is very easy to use as it does not have an intricate instruction in it. You just need to rub it in your clitoris in order for it to create a sensation in your vagina. This will arouse you instantly as it will create a tingling sensation in your womanly part. Vigorelle cream is also really good for you because it can give you an increase of possibility in reaching orgasm. Vigorelle needs to be used right before you are having intercourse. You don’t have to wait for an hour like some other products in the market to get the results.

Purchasing Vigorelle


Vigorelle cream is not exactly an easy product to find the market or regular drug store. The best way to get the it would be by online. There are several places where you can purchase Vigorelle including their own website or on Amazon. The general pricing of this cream in the market is around sixty dollars per bottle. Despite so, this thing run out on you so fast you will need to purchase more than one bottle. You will usually get the product after five or six days you order it. Visit vigorelleclinical.com for more information

The negative side

Vigorelle seems like a really perfect female enhancement product, but it does have several drawbacks that you need to see. For instance, the sensation that is produced by the product is a little bit mild. Some consumers have complained that the tingling sensation is not actually that strong.

The second drawback that most people get from Vigorelle is the fact that it is rather expensive to purchase. Despite it being only sixty dollars, the product is very quick to run out on you. In the end, you will have to buy around maybe two or three more products just to have the desired results.

Butt Enhancement Creams Side Effects


People nowadays only want to have a quick result without doing all of the work. That is why plenty of women would just take a butt enhancement creams to enlarge their butt instead of working out. But do you know that taking a butt enhancement cream might give you a few side effects? The ingredients that are within a butt enhancement cream cannot react the same way to each girl. Some might respond positively while others might have adverse side effects from the Pueraria Mirifica, which is the main ingredients in butt cream. Here are some of the most common side effects from taking a butt enhancement cream.


Heavy Periods

So what do the ingredients in the cream do to your body? In the simplest explanation, the cream would increase the level of estrogen in your body so that it would make your body curvy. Sadly, the increased of estrogen level in your body would affect different parts of your body quite the negative way. For instance, more estrogen means that you will have a heavier flow of period. It is not necessarily dangerous but still it is a side effect that can make you feeling a bit uncomfortable.


Gaining Weight

The increase of estrogen level in your body will also trigger your body to produce more fat. Initially, this is the way the cream would increase the size of your butt. By having more fat, you will have more size in your butt. Sadly, you will have to deal with the fact that your butt will not be the only part that gains size. The rest of your body might also gain some fat making you bigger than you were before. This is clearly something that you should watch for as no one would want to be fat.

Difficulty in Sleeping

It is still unknown why some of the girls who use butt enhancement cream would develop insomnia or trouble sleeping. It seems that it is caused by the bodily reaction towards the cream itself. Someway, the cream and the substance within it would alter some hormone or substance in our body. Subsequently, it will be possible that you develop a trouble sleeping or insomnia. When this happens, you should stop using the cream as it might ruin your sleep routine. Of course, unless you actually want to stay up all night then this is perfect for you.


Decreasing Sex Drive

Apparently butt enhancement can also cause a minor decrease in the sexual drive of women. By using the cream, you will gain an increased level in your body. When the body is overflowing with estrogen, women tend to say no to the idea of having sex. That is why most women would just have a low level of libido or sex drive after taking a butt enhancement cream. This is certainly not something to be aware of, and this won’t happen to every user. The cream has such a different reaction to different people, and you should not worry about the side effects.

Penis Size Anxiety

Tip 1: Focus on your partner


I want to address the anxiety issue. So start actually looking at your partners, mean like, what are they feeling, what is their body look like. Ask your partner about the size of his penis and if you’re not satisfied with the length and girth, give him an advice to use a top rated penis extender like Phallosan. This product will help to grow the penis on a permanent basis. It’s not expensive, but backed up with a money back guarantee. Penis stretching is a natural way to enlarge the penis without any side effects. Unless you want to make surgery, but it’s too risky and expensive. It’s all about your health. And that will help you to get that trap out of your own mind only thinking about yourself, what I look like, what do they think about me. Think what do they look like, how do their body feel, what does it feel like when I’m touching them.

Tip 2: Communicate

Start talking, sometimes talking out loud can get you out of being stuck in your own head, “do you like that, how does that feel to you?”

Tip 3: Relax and breathe deeply


And the other thing is really just learning to relax and allow yourself to breathe deeply, to feel more. So if his girlfriend wants to work with him through this, he can tell her “this is why I’m having a hard time receiving a blowjob”.

I know that brutal honesty is terrifying, but it is really what is holding us back. Sexual expression and verbal expression are linked together entirely. Her continual acceptance of him will start to melt away these layers of his kind of anxiety and fear and allow him to feel that he is being loved, that he is being accepted, that he is attractive to her.

Sex shouldn’t be about shame; sex is fun. The problem is a lot of us have these mental hang ups and some kind of shame around our bodies, or sex, or how much we’re enjoying ourselves that are keeping us from actually connecting to other person or allowing ourselves to let go.

If your girlfriend is with you, then I would think she’s probably happy with the size of your penis. So you can just go ahead and relax.  If she were really not happy with the size of your penis, she would probably already be gone. She’s happy with you, and she wants it.

Tip 4: Oral sex and G-spot stimulation


The other thing that you can do if you’re concerned about your size is making sure she’s getting enough pleasure in general so learning how to get really great oral sex or stimulate her G-spot with your fingers. So learning how to find her G-spot it’s just inside the vagina and up behind the cervix, and you can do something your play with the F-spot and that’ll help get her very aroused.